Open a Bar: The Equipment You Need

It’s always a good time walking around the warehouse at One Fat Frog and put together my mental shopping list of the equipment I need to open my dream bar. I’m thinking of calling it The Bar Review…or not. I can tell you this, when I do open my bar, I know what I need equipment-wise, and here’s that list you need to know too.

-Kegerator (either built-in taps that are put in the walls or a stand-alone unit)
-Bottle coolers (keep your beer bottles cold)
-Ice Machine (you need ice)
-Ice Bin (filled with ice behind the bar)
-Refrigerators (for extra inventory)
-Three compartment sink (for cleaning glasses; bars typically wash glasses by hand)
-Dishwasher (may not need it, but you’re welcome to it if you want)
-Speed wells (holds liquor bottles)

That’s the big stuff. Of course, there are some little things that you want as well:

-Different types of glasses (there are more than beer mugs or pint glasses)
-Pour spouts (help prevent overpouring)
-Shakers, strainers, muddlers
-Knives (for cutting limes, lemons, and other garnishes)
-Garnish trays

Some bars also sell food. The types of food you choose to sell will more specifically determine more about what kinds of equipment you’ll need. Here’s some quick basic things you might look at:

-Freezers and refrigerators (must keep food good)
-Flat griddle
-Prep table

Again, with the cooking equipment, some bars don’t do food, some bars don’t have the space, but it’s worth looking at. And a whole lot of these items we have right down here at our warehouse in Orlando. So give us a call, come on down, take a look around, and smile at the sheer magnitude of what we have. Check out the Frog!

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