About Jacksonville’s JAX2025 Initiative


Over in Jacksonville, FL, there’s a community-driven initiative named JAX2025 that is aimed at creating a shared vision of what Jacksonville could be by the year 2025. The initiative is facilitated by the Jacksonville Community Council Inc. (JCCI) and is funded entirely by private donations. The JCCI has decades of experience in creating community change through validated research and consensus-building.

As their official website states, JAX2025 is all about action and change in the community. The initiative is interested in creating a shared vision, finding solutions and making them a reality, and identifying leads for the future.

JAX2025 is asking that every resident in Jacksonville take part in the initiative through a community survey, requesting a presentation to civi, social, faith, school, or community groups. They are also calling for residents to participate in at least one of four community meetings. The initiative does not just apply to residents, but also to anyone affected by the Jacksonville community. This includes individuals who work, play, or shop in the area.

You can read all about JAX2025 here!

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