Restaurant Trends, Part 8

Today is the eighth in the One Fat Blog series of ten articles on current restaurant trends. For more information, check out

8) Late-night Ramen Shops. After a night at the bar, many otherwise normal diners transform into salt and starch seeking zombies, searching out their fix before heading home and passing out. A number of restaurants are capitalizing on this by transforming into “ramen pop-ups” in the late night hours.

Restaurants like Uni in Boston turn out high quality – but quick and easy to prepare – noodle dishes from 11pm to 2am. Some restaurants even change their names for the late-night ramen scarfers: Hopscotch in Oakland becomes Yonsei Ramen Shop, and Restaurant SEO in New York City becomes Ramen Sanshiro, both serving hot ramen dishes to their after hours patrons. With so many variations on the basic ramen dish, any restaurant can prepare and serve their own signature dishes without many unusual ingredients or specialized cooking apparatus.

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