Post-Tropical Storm Haikus

Well, we made it. One Fat Frog is located in Orlando, and yesterday we got hit by our first tropical storm of the season. Luckily, the damage for the most part was left within the realm of power outages and some broken branches (at least as far as I know). Nonetheless, we’ve got some tropical storm haikus for you, so let’s kick it off.

Rain throughout the day.
The wind was blowing a lot.
No relief in sight.

There are no puddles.
Only areal flooding.
Watch your step when out.

Storm makes its landfall.
Cars are driven as slow as
You could imagine.

While I was at work,
Others were sleeping, chilling
While it rained outside.

For all I know, this will not be my first time creating haikus involving tropical storms. Hopefully, Andrea was the worst of the season. Of course, the season did just start on Saturday and we already got one named storm, so you never know.

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