Protecting Your Restaurant’s Patio from Bad Weather

tropical storm andrea

So here I am, at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, and I have a huge window to look out and all I see all day is rain, rain, some wind, and more rain. If you haven’t noticed (especially in Florida), we’ve got Tropical Storm Andrea passing through on this day just shortly after hurricane season begins. That made me think: some of my favorite places to go for a meal out have outdoor patios, and that’s where a lot of these places can make some money. Of course, if a hurricane or tropical storm comes through, the business outside shuts down, and the patio can be ravaged. So, here are some ideas that you can do to protect your outdoor patio area in your restaurant.

-Good furniture: For those who don’t know, outdoor furniture is designed and built differently than indoor furniture. Shop around for the furniture that can best withstand the elements, and not just in the normal, everyday weather condition, but in the extreme weather conditions like tropical storms for us down in Florida.

-Patio enclosures: There are lots of companies out there that create custom enclosures for outdoor areas on both homes and businesses. Sometimes, something simple (like thick, clear plastic curtains I’ve seen some beachside restaurants have) are good enough to keep moderate to heavy rain and even strong breezes from ruining your customers’ meals. But there are also stronger enclosures that you can find. You just got shop around.

-Get insurance!: A while ago, I wrote a post on here about different types of insurances you can get for your business (use the search bar on the right; look up “Restaurant Insurance”). Under the label of specific peril insurance, different areas have different elemental issues. In Florida, make sure you’re covered in case an Andrea finds herself on your door step. And that’s not just about the property; that includes the furniture or any equipment you might have outside to protect.

In some bars and restaurants, every seat is worth about $10,000 a year. If you have 10 tables, four seats a piece, on your patio, that’s over $400,000 a year! Losing those seats is already bad, and losing that revenue is especially bad. Protect yourself and your business! And save me a seat. The nice breeze is soothing.

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