Food Trucks for Fairness Campaign Revs Up in Protest of New Orlando Regulations


Yesterday One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment reported on the new food truck regulations in Orlando. It’s no surprise that these regulations haven’t gone over very well with local food truck operators and patrons and already a grass-roots campaign has started on Facebook  called Food Trucks for Fairness. The campaign just started today and already has over 500+ likes. Here’s what it’s all about according to their page:

A group of food truck operators, loyal customers, local businesses and anyone who supports the rights of licensed food truck operators to run their businesses with the same freedom as any other Orlando business.

Currently the group is speaking with Orlando city officials at the staff and elected levels. They’re attempting to gather all interested parties whose goal is for food trucks to be recognized as legitimate businesses. They state that they deserve to be treated fairly, like any other business in Orlando, and help support growth in the community.

Be sure to check out the Food Trucks for Fairness Facebook page and to read more about the new Orlando food truck rules and regulations, check out this article from The Daily City.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment works with a lot of food trucks and we’ve seen how hard the owners grind to make a living. They work just as hard as any other business. And anyone who’s been to a food truck rally has witnessed the fantastic community environment they bring along. Here’s hoping the city of Orlando rethinks their regulations for such a thriving culture of businesses.

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