Unusual Coffee Flavors: What a Way to Wake Up!

So on my way to work at One Fat Frog this morning, I was on the phone with a buddy of mine and he told me he finally found a flavor of coffee he can get behind. And that flavor: chocolate doughnut. Now, I have heard of chocolate coffee flavor, and I’ve had doughnuts many times, but to combine them into one flavor of coffee was completely new to me. So it got me thinking: what other weird coffee flavors are there out there? Here are some ideas to try if you’re looking to break from the old grind (ha, grind).

-Roasted Barley flavor as made by Oskri. Who says you can’t get barley on coffee?
-Roasted Corn Coffee from Sunrise in the Philippines is exactly what it sounds like: coffee from corn. Who knew?
-A New Zealand company called Golden Fields has its own unique coffee flavor: chicory roots to dandelion and burdock.
-You can also make coffee from roasted acorn. Coffee even the squirrels can get behind.
-Apparently, it’s also possible to make coffee from rice. Rice! Again, who would’ve thought of that one?

Are there more weird coffee flavors out there? Probably. We’ll be looking for them so you don’t have to. Keep checking back!

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