Restaurant Trends, part 6

The One Fat Blog continues with part 6 of our 10 part series on restaurant trends. For more, check out

6) Offal of the Sea. If you’ve grown tired of the workaday routine of larks’ tongues, otters’ noses, and ocelot spleens, then this trend is for you. Sea food offal. Don’t let the homonym frighten you – some of these rarely used fish parts can be delicious, if perhaps an acquired taste. Like Chris Cosentino of San Fancisco’s Incanto will tell you: “Tuna spines, fish heads, monkfish liver, cod sperm, we do all of it.” And he means it.

Using all of an animal is the historical norm, of course – hungry people aren’t likely to throw out calories just because they’re “ookie.” But modern, and especially western, tastes have narrowed significantly over the years. People like Cosentino and Richard Garcia of the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel are looking to reverse that, at least when it comes to sea food.

If you run a restaurant, you need to be on the lookout for where food preparation trends are heading, even (or perhaps especially) if they are heading for, well, fish heads. And while we here at One Fat Frog aren’t suggesting that you abandon all your traditional menu items in favor of tuna-belly puttanesca, we do suggest that you keep an open mind and an open eye towards unique dishes that may stir up attention – and customers – for your business.

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