Restaurant Trends, Part 5

I think we can dispense with the introduction/explanation at this point – if you’ve read any of the first four installments you know what’s going on by now, right?

5) Cross-Restaurant Collaboration. Just like American League vs. National League games during the regular season, and Marvel/DC crossovers (who can forget Batman Daredevil: King of New York? Everyone? Well, ok, perhaps that was a bad example), people love to experience two things that they like – but don’t often get to experience at the same time. And this is the same in the restaurant business as well.


Some forward thinking restaurants are doing the equivalent of having Run DMC cover Walk This Way by bringing in out of town (or even out of country) chefs to cook in their kitchens – Alex Stupak of Empellón Cocina brought in Enrique Olvera from Mexico City last year, for example. Others are simply bringing in someone from across town, giving patrons a chance to savor a taste of something different in an environment in which they are familiar and comfortable. While customers are sure to appreciate the change of pace, chefs who have participated in such crossovers also report feeling energized and excited at the opportunity to “shake things up” and stretch their culinary muscles. A win-win, for sure!

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