Spike TV Bringing More “Bar Rescue”

bar rescue

Here at One Fat Frog, we’ve got some history with famous TV shows about the restaurant business. We love being on TV shows, but that doesn’t happen often, so we’ll settle for love watching TV shows. One of my personal favorites is “Bar Rescue” on Spike TV. And last month, Spike TV has ordered another 20 episodes. That’s right; another 20 bars to be rescued!

If you’ve never seen the show (and if you haven’t, what’s wrong with you?!), here’s how it goes: the show is hosted by Jon Taffer. Taffer is the world’s premier bar and nightlife consultant who has spent over 36 years in the industry and has worked for, run, operated, turned around, and created over 800 bars across about 30 countries. And just so you’re aware, those are not typos. It really is that many bars and it really is that many countries. No one in the business is more respected than Taffer.

Taffer’s no-nonsense, upfront style may be loud at times, and yes, he does get mad, but no one can argue that his tactics, which he calls bar science, work. And the fact is you’d be amazed at some of the nuances that no one would think about. I personally love the show, and if I ever open that bar I’ve been hinting at, you better believe that “Bar Rescue” will be like my introductory course to the business.

You can watch “Bar Rescue” on Spike TV’s website, and the season typically starts in the early part of the year (around February) and lasts about 10 episodes. So you know the next time you see the show, you never know where they’ll be. And I guarantee…it’ll be awesome.

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