The Thing That Should Not Be

Do you ever find yourself driving, texting, putting on makeup, and clipping your toenails, and wish you had just ONE more hand so you could nosh on that delicious Whopper from Burger King? Of course you do! Well, never fear, because our friends over at BK have finally solved this age-old problem:

whopper holder

The hands-free Whopper holder. Now, the first thing that came to my mind is likely the first thing that came to YOUR mind: Isn’t ANY kind of “holder” a “hands-free” holder? I mean, if you still have to use your hand to hold it, the “holder” isn’t very useful, is it? What? That wasn’t the first thing you thought of? Ok, maybe it’s just me…

In any case, yes. Burger King introduced this device recently in Puerto Rico, celebrating their 50th anniversary there. It will be available to the public through their loyalty program. Go ahead and start dancing for joy now. Or, you know, box a few rounds. We’ll wait.


Finally! Now I can change the channels on both of my televisions at once, or type my doctoral thesis on the obesity epidemic, all without having to put down my juicy, flame-broiled treat. Thank you, Burger King, thank you. Now, can you get with Taco Bell and the folks at The Onion and get cracking on those wearable feed bags? (,14238/)

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