Restaurant Trends, Part 3

“In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.” – Thomas Jefferson

Trends, of course, come and go. That’s why they’re called “trends,” right? But, as business owners, it is important to at least be aware of current trends in our industry, even if we have no intention of following them. Today is part 3 in a 10 part series where the One Fat Frog Blog (One Fat Flog?) will highlight trends, as reported on

3) “Third-Wave” Bakeshops. Historically, artisanal bakers have focused on a single style or, at most, single “region” of breads. French sourdough, Italian peasant, German rye – small bakeries specialized on very specific types of bread which they felt best complimented their skills and experience. Today, however, there are a number of bakers who are breaking that mold, and producing excellent versions of a wide array of baked deliciousness.

At Hot Bread Kitchen in New York, for example, they make 21 different doughs that they bake into 35 different breads; breads that span the globe for their history and influence. Breads Bakery (also in New York) and Craftsman and Wolves in San Francisco likewise offer a wide variety of breads and other baked goods, not restricted to a single type or country of origin. The opportunities to be creative, and to serve customers with differing desires, are key selling points for these “third-wave” bakeries.

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