The 11 Most Commonly Misspelled Food Words

Just in time for the Scripps National Spelling Bee (underway now – you’re following it closely, aren’t you?), the online food delivery service GrubHub ( brings us the eleven words that customers most commonly misspell when entering search terms or placing orders on their site. We here at One Fat Frog want you to get a great deal on your used restaurant equipment, but we also want you to spell like this kid:


(That, of course, is 2012 Scripps National Spelling Bee Champion Snigdha Nandipati.)

What follows is the list of words, the percentage of the time that they were misspelled, and some common misspellings:

11) Vegetarian – 2% – “vegitarian” “begetarian”

10) Macaroni – 3% – “macoroni” “maccaroni”

9) Barbecue – 3% – “barbaque”

8) Chipotle – 3% – “chipolte”

7) Tomato – 5% – “tomatoe”

6) Reuben – 7% – “Rueben”

5) Sandwich – 7% – “sandwhich” “sandwitch”

4) Dessert – 10% – “desert” (Remember, everyone wants MORE dessert, so there are MORE “s’s” in it!)

3) Omelette or Omelet – 17% – “omlette” “omlett” (Even with two “correct” choices, users still messed this one up surprisingly often!)

2) Caesar (salad) – 40% – “Ceasar” “cesar”

1) Fettuccine – 70%(!!) – “fettucine” “fettucini” (Which makes me wonder how spaghetti isn’t on the list?)

There you have it, eleven food words that people commonly misspell. And while we can’t really do much for your spelling here at One Fat Frog, we CAN help you get all of the commercial kitchen and restaurant equipment that you’ll need to cook, display, and serve everything on the list, and more!

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