Customers Call Back to Pay Tabs After Boston Bombings


Six weeks after the Boston Marathon bombings, there is a wave of positive stories concerning citizens from across the nation helping out in various ways to those affected by the atrocity – including the restaurants.

One such restaurant affected was the Rattlesnake Bar & Grill, located near the finish line on Boylston St. where the bombs went off. The restaurant was enjoying a busy afternoon when the event happened and people from off the street were welcomed inside to escape the chaos.

In response to their hospitality and composure during the event, the restaurant has been receiving checks in the mail and phone calls from people who want to help pay the $3,000 that went unpaid that day. Owner Tony Castagnozzi explained that he never asked for the tabs to be paid – these people are doing it to thank the restaurant and its staff.

Castagnozzi stated that through these generous donations, he’s been able to tip out his staff. He went on to say that next year’s Boston Marathon will be an emotional event, but one the city will be looking forward to.

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