Restaurant Trends, Part 1

“In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.” – Thomas Jefferson

Trends, of course, come and go. That’s why they’re called “trends,” right? But, as business owners, it is important to at least be aware of current trends in our industry, even if we have no intention of following them. In the next few days, the One Fat Frog Blog (One Fat Flog?) will highlight trends, as reported on

1) Wild to Plate – While it is illegal to serve anything other than USDA certified meats in restaurants, some cooks are trading their chef’s hats for shotguns, and taking to the woods to hunt their own game for private functions or personal consumption. The benefits of this, according to chef and deli owner (and hunter) Jesse Griffiths, is that “hunting is just like planting a garden. It is the most direct connection with the animal world, and the empathy gained from it is formative.”

Proponents further expound on the one-on-one connection that wild-to-plate offers, pointing out that even the most “organic” meat at the local Whole Foods has been touched by more than a dozen pairs of hands. Hunting their own meat, these chefs note, allows them full control of the butchering, aging, and preparation of their dishes – a level of control and personalization that simply can’t be achieved through store-bought meat.

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