Things To Do In Vancouver When You’re (Socially) Dead

Ok, we all know that video games have become a part of our culture on a par (and in some cases exceeding) television, movies, and, well, “normal” human interaction. Marathon gaming sessions are more often accompanied by a case of Mountain Dew and a few bags on Funions than they are by “real” food, and even less often by “real” people. But one bar/restaurant in Vancouver is looking to change all that.

The EXP Bar ( is a “social dining experience” with gamer-themed menu items, drink specials, and decor. From the Tri-Force Burger to the Arrow to the Knee cocktail (that’s Cake Vodka and Bailey’s, ‘natch,) the EXP Bar unabashedly embraces gamer culture and spins it into a fun, social environment for eating and drinking.

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