Creativity = Profits

Owning and/or running a restaurant can be daunting, and is definitely a lot of work. However, there are plenty of opportunities to shake things up and get out of the daily routine, if you have a little imagination (and, of course, the right restaurant equipment from One Fat Frog!)

Say you own a bakery. One Fat Frog can supply you with ovens, freezers, mixers, display cases, and everything else you’ll need to physically BAKE your items. But, when you add the secret ingredient of creativity, you can come up with anything.

Take, for example, the wedding cake below. While it might not by your idea of the perfect cake for your nuptials, somebody wanted it, and the bakery that was able to make it for them probably turned a tidy profit. Plus, zombies are just plain cool.


So, call or come by One Fat Frog today, and let’s get creative together. I promise, no zombies will attack. Probably.

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