Running a Restaurant: Branding

If you looked at the title here and thought to yourself…what the heck is branding? Well, here is the Professor to provide your answer. Branding refers to an identity for a business. A business that properly creates its brand can survive because that brand sticks with people. Think McDonald’s, Tilted Kilt, Apple Computers. They have a brand that fits. Heck, we’re One Fat Frog! When you need a piece of used restaurant equipment, you think of the Frog!

Branding is important because something that can’t be remembered will not last. Even businesses that are similar, like those assortment of fast food restaurants with similar menus, have their own separate brand. That lets them differentiate from the rest of the competition. And the brand is associated with the different qualities that the business provides. You can’t see the Burger King brand without thinking of flame-broiled, something you don’t get from similar businesses.

You know you have a brand that works when people remember it. Of course, if they remember it for something unsavory, like a string of bad experiences, then it’s time to change the name and change the brand. If the brand kills the business, then you, as a business owner, need to kill the brand. Then you can rebrand your business and restart the imagine. But don’t you worry; the Frog is here to stay!

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