Tim Tebow To Jacksonville Jaguars?

We already got one Jacksonville-sports-related post…who says we can’t do two?

For those of you who were following my posts on the One Fat Frog blog a few months ago…particularly those about the Super Bowl…you know that I love football. I do. I love the game, I love the food associated with it, I love the stadiums…and the cheerleaders, but that goes without saying. But during the off season and the mini camps, the speculation of who will go where starts running around all over the place.

Well, a month or so ago, former Florida Gator and NFL good boy Tim Tebow found himself without a team when the New York Jets released him. That’s a nice way of saying they cut him. Tebow suddenly found himself as a free agent and now the word has spread that Florida fans want to bring ole Tim back to his home state and playing quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars. I see at least one up and down to this move if he chooses to do so:

-The current QB for the Jags is Chad Henne. Look, I’m no expert, but Henne isn’t actually known as a guy people get energized for. Tebow, regardless of those who argue his abilities, is a natural leader. And if you get a guy like that as your bullhorn, you know your team will be pumped every time they step on a field…not that they shouldn’t be, but you get my drift.

-He’s not a bad player, but he hasn’t shown the consistency needed yet for a championship quarterback, at least not at the pro level. Some may argue it’s because he hasn’t been given the chance fully, and that’s true.

-My big issue with him…He’s a Gator. I went to FSU. That may literally be my only issue.

Either way, let’s see where Timmy goes.

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