Long Weekend Haikus

This is Friday. Friday is a special day, but it’s even more special because this is Memorial Day weekend, which means most of you out there will be enjoying a long weekend with Monday being an off day. We won’t; we’ll still be here working hard for all of you because we love you all and sleep is for wimps. But for those of you wimps who will be sleeping in Monday, here are some haikus for you.

Friday has arrived.
Saturday and Sunday fly.
Sleep will come Monday.

My alarm will not
Ring and disturb my slumber
After Sunday night.

I got my work done.
Nothing to slow me down now.
See you on Tuesday.

I must beat traffic
For my weekend getaway
And my barbecue.

There you go. More haikus for the long weekend. We’ll be here on Monday, so make sure you take the time to give us a call, come on down, bring us hot dogs and hamburgers from your barbecue. It will be much obliged.

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