More Funny Restaurant Names

You know the most common question I get on the phones? “Where did you get the name ‘One Fat Frog’?” It’s a funny name! And funny names can be an asset to your business. If people remember it, they might think about it the next time they go out to get a bite to eat or a drink. And you want that to happen to your business. So let’s look at some more funny or clever restaurant names.

-Brew’d Awakening Coffeehaus, Lowell, MA
-Mustard’s Last Stand, Melbourne, FL (local place!)
-For Heavens Cakes, Thousand Oaks, CA
-Thaitanic, Washington, DC (too soon?)
-Lord of the Fries, Melbourne, Australia (not local, but still cool)

There are lots more out there, and I’ll feature them as I go. I’m still looking for the one to compete with One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. Stay tuned for more.

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