Summer temperatures are here; make sure you keep yourself – and your customers – cool!

One Fat Frog is receiving several new ice machines this week, just in time for the summer heat. Whether you have a big, bustling kitchen or a small vending cart, we can fulfill your ice making needs.

Let’s face it – Florida is hot.

Your restaurant needs to be a place of respite, a cool oasis in a sweltering sea. Make sure you have the right ice machine for your needs so that you can keep everything chilled to perfection, and keep your customers sweat-free and comfortable.

And while you’re pondering what size, make, or model of ice machine you need (and you DO need an ice machine!), here are some things to think about:

Think about where you will be putting your ice machine. Many models require space around the sides in order to maintain proper ventilation. Additionally, keeping your ice machine away from heat-generating kitchen appliances will help keep it running coolly and efficiently, saving you money on your power bills and ensuring that you are getting the most ice per day.

Change your water filters every six months. A filter clear of mineral deposits and other buildup will keep your production levels high. Also, de-lime on a regular schedule. Removing scale buildup maintains the efficiency of your ice machine, and ensures that you are keeping energy bills down and ice production up. Some models offer automatic cleaning/de-liming features, so think about what is best for your business.

Other features available on some ice machines are things such as the “harvest feature,” and built in antimicrobial materials. The “harvest feature” makes the ice release from the machine to the storage bin faster, while antimicrobial materials resist the growth of bacteria and help keep your machine cleaner, longer.

With a large and ever-changing inventory of ice machines, One Fat Frog can find the right fit for your restaurant, bar, or other business. And with our in-house financing, we can work out a payment plan that will work for you. With FREE shipping to most anywhere in the state, One Fat Frog will make sure you keep your establishment full of cool customers.

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