Buying Guide: Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Smoker


With proper maintenance and tender, loving care, a commercial smoker can last decades. There comes a time in every smoker’s life though, when it’s time to throw in the towel. It’s just the circle of life, man. Sometimes it costs more to repair than it’s worth and sometimes the whole shebang just kicks the bucket.

How can you tell when it’s time to replace your commercial smoker? Here are a few warning signs, courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment:

• Component Failure: The majority of smoker parts can be replaced when malfunction occurs, sure, but excessive malfunctions can really tax your wallet. Once the repair costs start adding up and the model is older than it’s worth, seriously consider replacing your smoker.

• Damaged Exterior: Smoke is very corrosive, so once you see evidence that your model’s exterior has been damaged by years of smoky use, consider its service life over.

• Smoke Outside: Check for smoke escaping the model during use. This is a surefire sign that the smoker needs to be replaced.

• Food Quality Issues: If the smoker is not properly cooking the food, then this is an obvious sign that the elements might be in need of repair or replacement. If repairs and replaced parts are not working, then seriously consider replacing the smoker.

If you find yourself with a busted smoker, venture into the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment warehouse and check out our varying selection of commercial smokers. We’re getting a variety of models, makes, and capacities in all of the time! Head into our warehouse and our knowledgeable sales crew will be more than happy to help you pick out the perfect smoker for your location.

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