Angelina Jolie’s Brave Decision to Elude Cancer


Angelina Jolie has made public her story about dealing with the high risk of breast cancer. In an NY Times op-ed piece, Jolie explained how she got genetic testing done for her susceptibility to breast cancer. When the results came back an alarmingly high 87% positive, the actress made the decision to have a double mastectomy.

Jolie’s career is tied directly to her appearance, so first off, bravo for going public with such a personal decision. More importantly, her talking publicly about her decisions helps provide support for women who may be facing similar choices.

Women who have breast and ovarian cancer in their families should talk to their doctors about their options. Unfortunately, the genetic testing and subsequent reconstructive surgery Jolie received is very, very expensive and not covered by a lot of health insurance providers. So in a way, Jolie’s decision to go public also raises some serious issues with an already heated health issues in the U.S.

Jolie stated that she got the surgery so she can stay alive for her kids. All politics aside, it’s an admirable decision.

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