4th Grader Makes Investigate Documentary About School Lunches

Meet Zachary Maxwell, a 4th grader in New York City. After being constantly disappointed with the food offered at his school’s cafeteria, Zachary decided to make an investigative documentary about the disturbing world of school lunches. From the doc’s official website:

In the fall of 2011, fourth grader Zachary Maxwell began asking his parents if he could start packing and bringing his own lunch to school.  Unfortunately, they kept insisting that he take advantage of the hot lunch being served at the school.  After all, the online menu sounded delicious and the NYC Department of Education (DOE) website assured parents that the meals were nutritious.  Zachary wanted to convince his parents that the online menu did not accurately represent what was really being served at his school.

The online menu doesn’t accurately represent what was actually being served at school? Sorry, Zach. When I was your age you could bounce a chicken nugget off the floor like a handball. I never complained. Consider your school lunches as preparation for something us adults like to call “a letdown.”

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