Commercial Bread Slicer and Bagel/Bun Slicer on Sale

Oliver Bagel:Bun Slicer

Check out this dangerous duo of commercial slicers! They’ve got their sites set on dough-based food, like bread, bagels, and buns. They’re both from the trusted brand Oliver and they’re waiting for you.

The Oliver 709 Mini-Supreme Bread Slicer can take on 50 loaves per day and is just the thing for the slicing of hard-crusted breads and soft-textured loaves. It’s the smallest footprint bread slicer in the industry and is very easy to operate. The conveniently located front-mounted push-button controls honestly couldn’t be easier to operate. This commercial bread slicer utilizes the lowest cost replacement blades in the business. They’re easy to replace and rust-resistant. The unit operates quietly with minimal vibration.

The Oliver 702 Bagel and Bun Slicer cleanly slices everything from sub-buns to bagels with the greatest of ease. The adjustable cutting blade provides an assortment of cutting depths and heights. The compact design makes it very easy to operate and clean.

Oliver Bread Slicer

These models are just the thing for motels, hotels, diners, cafes, delis, breakfast joints, food trucks, and more! Basically, anywhere a high-volume of bread, bagel, and bun slicing is needed. Purchase this duo as a pair and you will save even more!

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