Brand New Slicers Available! 1/4 Horsepower Models

General Slicer

Buckle up, meat slicing maniacs, some primo models just arrived at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment! These brand new quarter-horsepower models are fully prepared to slice a variety of meats all day long. They’re economically-sized, economically-priced, and awaiting you now at the One Fat Frog warehouse.

The slicing thickness on these slicers measures 0.2 to 15mm and the maximum slicing width is 220mm. It’s also wicked easy to use. All you have to do is set the width, push the big green button on the front, and show that roast beef what’s what. When you’ve got your stacks of meat all set, just hit the big red button and the slicer will begin its slumber until it’s time to show meat no mercy once again. They only weigh about 25 pounds so you and your crew can move them around the kitchen without breaking a sweat.

One Fat Frog has drastically reduced the prices on these already cheap slicers. We’ve got a few of them in stock, but they won’t last long so if you’re interested you best act fast.

Come in and pay in cash and you’ll save even more money! We can also put together a package deal for you with all of the used commercial restaurant equipment you need. Get a slicer, get a griddle, get a fryer, get an oven…you know what to do!

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