Restaurant Promotion: Social Media

Ahhh….social media. Why, back in my day, we used it to keep in touch with college friends who decided to move far away after they received their degree. Now, social media is used for everything. We play games, we share movie reviews, we show pictures of our dinners…that last one is really weird, by the way…and, most importantly, businesses can use it as a promotional tool. There are lots of advantages to using social media, the most obvious of which is it usually doesn’t cost anything to set up your accounts, and you can reach so many different people. Of course, there are lots of different sites you can use, so here’s a quick rundown:

-You can create a Facebook page that will allow you to post pictures of your restaurant, make polls, display your menu, announce events, and have a much more in-depth connection with customers.

-You might also create your own Twitter handle where you can sending out quick bits of information (remember, you only have 140 characters), ask followers to ‘retweet’ your tweets, take quick snapshots, and even respond to customers in real time.

-You can even watch your customers refer to your restaurant on Foursquare. This is a great way to track how many people come in and let your customers be your advertisement as others will see their friends visiting. Also, many restaurants offer special deals on Foursquare, so why can’t you!

These are the easiest and most common sites for social media, but there are others on there as well. Perhaps you could communicate with vendors or partnering organizations through Linkedin, put up pictures through Instagram, or write a blog like ours. There is a lot out. Just give stuff a try and see what works.

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