Line Cook Job Classified Features 44 Requirements


No one said being a line cook is easy. They work long hours on their feet. Turnover is typically high. And the harsh realities of a restaurant career can bring even the most stalwart man to his knees.

The Farm Bloomington restaurant in Bloomington, IN isn’t fronting on these difficulties. They recently posted a 1100-word classified ad for a line cook position opening in their restaurant. The requirements for the gig? Well, there are 44 of them.

Judging from the tone of the ad, Farm Bloomington isn’t out to glamorize the job. It also sounds like they’ve had problems with line cooks in the past…

• You never complain- especially about things the chef can’t control like customer requests, the hours the restaurant is open, how busy or slow it is, etc.

• You always show up for work, even if you’re sick as a dog. Let the chef see you’re really sick and send you home.

• You Cook you dishes exactly as the chef taught you, the same every time.

• You are able to work double shifts for many days without days off.

• You work neatly, always Cleaning As You Go (CAYGO). At the end of your shift, you actually clean our station using actual sanitizer and an actual scrubbie, and actually label and date all your mise.

• Even if you think your way is better, do it the way the chef would want you to do it. If you must suggest something, do it in private. Or phrase it so it seems like it was the chef’s idea.

The ad seems to have been removed from Craigslist, so maybe they found some qualified workhorse. You can check out the entire list of requirements here.

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