Now I’m a Chef, But Where Can I Get a Job?

So you’ve worked hard in culinary school, and your food is delicious. Well, I think it is…send me some to be sure. But now to figure out where it is that you’re going to work. Sure, you know about restaurants and bars, but there are other institutions where you could work and where you would still make quite the decent salary. Here is a quick rundown of places where you could find a job after you’ve become a chef:

-Airlines: Yes, sir. Make the food that goes up 38,000 feet. You could even improve the reputation of airline food.

-Armed forces: Even soldiers must eat. Military bases and schools have lots of mouths to be fed, so you could certainly make them all quite happy.

-Commissary kitchens: Also known as production kitchens, this is where food is made and then shipped to other restaurants or institutions.

-Corporations: Big, fancy buildings that are owned by these companies occasionally have cafeterias, and lots of fat wallets could be feeding you when you feed them.

-Cruise ships: If you’ve got your sea legs, this could be a great way to combine cooking and travel, two exciting pastimes.

-Hospitals and nursing homes: Again, lots of mouths that need to be fed, and those are great places to feed a variety of folks.

That point here is that there are lots of places where a person who knows how to cook could be helpful. Don’t just assume that only restaurants want you. So do these folks!

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