Benefits of Rotisserie Cooking

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The idea of a rotisserie oven is pretty straightforward. You stick a piece of meat on a spit, set it in the oven cavity, turn it on, and let it do its thing. The rotating spit ensures that the food browns evenly by exposing all sides of it to the heat source for the same measure of time. Many rotisserie ovens utilize convection heat, which uses fans to move heat throughout the oven cavity. Rotisseries are also great for searing the outside of food swiftly, which ensures that the juices stay inside.

There are two different methods of rotisserie cooking. Here’s a look at both, courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment:

HORIZONTAL: This is the preferred method of rotisserie cooking. If you’ve ever seen the rotisserie ovens at Boston Market or Publix, then you’ve seen a horizontal method. Using the horizontal method means that juices stay inside the meat and continue to roll around inside. The juices on the outside of the meat continue to self-baste throughout the rotation process.

VERTICAL: The vertical method of rotisserie cooking reduces fat and grease by allowing them to drain off of the meat during the rotation process. While some may argue that leads to a less flavorful meat than the horizontal method, this is a much more healthy approach. The meat still cooks and browns evenly, but with a lot less grease and fat. A vertical rotisserie also allows the user to steam from the inside by pouring a marinade into the drip pan and letting it infuse with the meat throughout the rotation.

Many rotisserie ovens come with attachments like fish baskets, vegetable skewers, and more. Baskets allow users to cook smaller items, such as fish filets and vegetables.

Adding rotisserie to your menu opens up a world of flavors and items to offer your patrons. When you’re looking for the perfect rotisserie oven for your location, head into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. We’ve got a varying selection – currently we have in stock two used Hobart HR5 electric rotisserie ovens – capable of handling 15 to 20 birds at once.

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