Starting a Restaurant: Defining the Message of Your Business

So you’ve got the restaurant finally up and running, but there’s just one thing missing: people! No restaurant can survive without a steady stream of customers coming in, sitting down, ordering food, and having a good time. So how do you get those people in there? Well, that takes a little thing called marketing, where you have to get your message out there. But before you can get your message out there, you need to decide what your message is. Because if you don’t know, how will anyone else?

First, you need to think about who you want to come into your restaurant. If you’ve got a fast-food restaurant, then anyone who wants a burger and fries is welcome. If you’ve got a fine dining establishment, then anyone is still welcome, but you’d prefer they’ve got a nice platinum card to take with them.

Next, make sure you have a concept down pat. I’ve been completely obsessed lately with watching reruns of Kitchen Nightmares and I can’t tell you how often the problem with most of those restaurants is they don’t know who they are. If you’re an Irish pub, everything in your restaurant, from the types of food and drinks you serve to the decorations on the walls, should scream Irish pub.

After that, look at your competition. If you’re the only Irish pub in the area, then you might be okay. But if there are other bars and restaurants, what makes you stand out from them? It could be lower prices, better quality food, a nicer experience, or whatever, but that matters too.

Finally, think about what you want to come out of this message. Customers need to remember you because that will make them think to visit you the next time they have a hankering for some Shepard’s pie and a Guinness. And since the desired result is typically you want people to come in, then this is a big part of it.

Take your time with each one of these steps and decide how you want to define your message. Once you have a message in mind, keep your eye on the blog as we’ll discuss later on down the road some methods to get your message out into the world. Success is rarely an accident, so do all the right things and you should be well on your way.

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