Food Truck Start Up: Planning Your Grand Opening


Making a first impression in the mobile food industry is incredibly important. And just like an actor who rehearses before the opening night of a production, you should run through all of your food truck’s operations before holding a grand opening.

A grand opening event is a great way to establish your food truck as part of the local community. You can’t simply roll down your service window on the first day and expect crowds to start lining up. You’ve got to make the grand opening an event! This event will help turn first-time guests into repeat customers.

Here are some grand opening tips, courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, to help make it a success:

• PREPARE FOR A CROWD: Before throwing down your grand opening event, be sure that you and your staff are ready to handle a crowd. Don’t be too eager to open if you’re not ready. You may want to even think about purposely overstaffing your food truck. If you’re not ready, the first impression can be drastically altered, regardless of how good the food is.

• PREPARE FOR THE UNEXPECTED: It’s crucial that you plan for things that are within your control, while also expecting the unexpected. Make sure that you address every detail before your grand opening event so that you can deal with surprises when they arrive. Keep in mind things like your food truck’s generator possibly failing or running out of propane. Or even running out of food (gasp!). Have a battle plan in case these incidents occur.

• CAREFULLY TIME YOUR EVENT: Plan your event carefully or you run the risk of folks being at other events that are going down the same day. Look at a community calendar and plan on holding your grand opening on a day where there is nothing else going on.

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