TRONGS: The Next Dimension in Finger Foods

Picture 6

For all of eternity, mankind has had to suffer through messy finger foods, like ribs slathered in BBQ sauce and pizza soggy with grease. This sloppy food left ancient man unable to use their smartphone without gunking up the touchscreen. This made Instagramming their mastodon ribs nearly impossible. And don’t get me started on the Napkin Drought of 1782…

But now, the next dimension of eating is now upon us. I hope you’re sitting down, pal, because the TRONG is taking names. This marvel of the modern age are plastic finger protectors, so your digits can stay clean underneath. So if you get a phone call during your feast or want to have an impromptu arm wrestling match, you’re good to go. It’ll be like your fingers have never touched food in your life!

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