Food Truck Start Up: “Understanding” and “Knowing” Your Patrons


When talking to your customers and following up on their feedback, it’s crucial to fully understand their criticism concerning your food truck. You need to understand your customers to fully comprehend their needs in order turn them into repeat, loyal patrons. There is a difference between “knowing” and “understanding” your clients and both actions are important for success. Here are some aspects, courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, to keep in mind to help you grasp the difference between knowing and understanding your patrons.

Knowing your customers is typically done by collecting information by simply watching and observing who walks up to your service window. This will help you know your customers demographically and what food they’re ordering.

Understanding your customer will help you deliver a product and service that meets their needs, while also influencing their future needs.

Once you fully understand your customers, here are some questions to ask yourself:

• How come my customers aren’t giving me word-of-mouth referrals? Understanding this issue will help you improve your product and service so that your customers will begin to spread the word using their mouths.

• Why in the world are customers even interested in my truck? Understanding what brings your customers to your truck can improve on these specific attractive areas in order to rope in more patrons.

• What menu items aren’t being ordered too much? You need to know why some menu items aren’t selling as well as others. Is it an ingredient? Or the preparation and presentation? Or maybe you’re just presenting an inferior product than your competition? Getting to the bottom of this can help you make the appropriate changes to your service or products.

• How are my patrons’ behaviors and interests evolving? Always be aware of your customers behavior and preferences in order to stay in front of any shifts in the market. Keep your thumb on culinary trends in the food truck market and make changes before your competition catches on!

Don’t think of these questions as “problems,” think of them as opportunities to improve and evolve your food truck business.

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