Wicked Low Prices on Used Ice Merchandisers

1-Door Freezer

The One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Spring Cleaning Refrigeration Liquidation Sale continues! During this sale, every cooler and freezer is on sale – including single, double, and triple door models. This goes for both glass merchandiser and stainless steel pieces, so take yer pick. We’ve got truckloads of discounted coolers an freezers from Beverage Air, Hobart, Master-Bilt, McCall, True, and more.

Also included in the sale are several True glass door ice merchandisers. These bad boys aren’t exactly coolers and they’re not exactly freezers. Their main goal in life is to keep your bagged ice from melting. In order to achieve this noble goal, these True ice merchandisers maintain a steady temperature of 25° – which in Inuit mythology is a sacred number, I think.

These True ice merchandisers will surely boost morale and sales at any liquor,  convenient, or grocery store. Anywhere ice is sold, basically, will reap the benefits of adding this ice merchandiser to the lineup. This model will change your life. Customers who don’t even need ice will be buying cartloads. That urban legend about the kidney thief, in which the victim wakes up in a tub of ice, where do you think all those cubes came from? From the belly of a True glass door ice merchandiser, of course.

There are several purchase options to get you the True ice merchandiser you need! While we no longer accept first borns, we do have a rockin’ financing plan that anyone can apply. Even if your credit would make a stone weep, our in-house finance manager will still fight to get you approved for the financing you need! Get everything you need without breaking your budget! To read up more about our quick and painless financing plan, mosey on over to: https://restaurantequipmenttogo.com/finance-lease/

If cash is more your bag, then make us a cash money offer we can’t refuse on a True ice merchandiser or whatever else you need. No reasonable offer will be turned down. You’ll still get all of the freebies we’re known for when you pay in cash, but you’ll also save a ton off of the already low price!

Freebies? Awww yeah. One Fat Frog’s in-house paint wizards will paint your ice merchandiser any color you like, free of cost. We supply the black, white, or silver paint, and if you want your ice merchandiser any other color, simply bring us the paint and stand back while we do our magic.

We also deliver to pretty much all of Florida. Anyone who’s ever shipped a piece of heavy restaurant equipment knows how much money free delivery will save. We deliver totally free to Orlando, St. Pete, Sarasota, Lakeland, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Ocala, Crystal River, Tampa, Miami, and more! For more details, and to find out when we’re heading to your neck of the woods again, give us a call: 407-480-3409.

Every piece of use equipment comes with a 30 day parts and labor warranty. Our specialized in-house technicians will detail and thoroughly test every component of the ice merchandiser before delivering it to your location.

Ok stop reading this and come into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment to pick out the perfect True ice merchandiser for your location. Thanks.

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