Food Truck Start Up: Expanding Your Empire


Your food truck business is a success. You’re constantly being asked to bring your food truck to more areas around the city, but you can’t be in two spots at once. Or three or four. While it’s always good to be accepted and wanted around the city, the problem is this kind of demand requires more than one truck. I guess being in high demand isn’t a “problem, per se, but when you find yourself in this situation, it’s time to start consider an expansion.

Branching out with two (or more) food trucks requires thorough planning. The major benefit of having more than one truck is that your business will be able to cover more areas of the city, meaning an increase in sales. However, expanded with more trucks means that you’ll be required to invest in more vehicles as well as the employees to operate them.

Choosing to expand your food truck empire should only come after some serious speculation hypothesization, and deliberation on your part. You need to evaluate several factors, such as the financial status of your food truck business, the logistics involved in branching out, and even your mental state. Are you ready for the possibility of more stress? Before branching out, those are some of the basic factors you should deeply evaluate.

If you’re not ready to purchase another truck, equipment, staff, and all that jazz, but you still want to branch out, then consider franchising your food truck business. This is a great way to rapidly expand your empire with minimum capital and risk. This means that independent investors will use your name and business model for their own truck. The franchisee will pay you and initial franchise fee to receive the rights to open and operate a food truck with your trademark and menu. You’ll also train them how to operate the business. Normally, they will also pay you a regular royalty fee.

Franchising is a regulated industry so be sure that you develop and operate your franchise system according to federal and state franchise laws. You’ll need to invest time and money in regulatory compliance, attorney fees, and the development of systems and programs to be sold to the franchisees. Franchising takes you away from the day-to-day operations of the food trucks. Now you’ll be in charge of service development, advertising, product development, and management of the whole franchise system.

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