Restaurant Startup: The Emotional Connection

We’ve all been there. We’re standing in line at a certain fast food chain known for a funny clown (you know what I’m talking about), and you turn to look at the play place where kids are laughing and smiling. At that moment, you smile as well. Why is that? Because chances are you were on that very play place (or at least one similar) when you were a kid yourself. That’s what this chain has done well, probably better than anyone: created an emotional connection to your visits.

Successful restaurants don’t just serve good food or provide great service (although those are clearly important as well). They find a way to live in your mind, to make you remember a time where all made sense and all was good. When you’re waiting in line for that signature burger at that signature fast food chain, you’re not just craving the burger; you’re craving the memory.

In another example, another well known chain of restaurants was the first to connect in a health-conscious way. And they do so by having a spokesman who literally walked right into our hearts. (Again, I don’t need to say what chain or to whom I’m referring as I’m sure you all can figure it out.) You found yourself rooting for this individual, and in support, found yourself wanting to be like him, so you went to the same restaurant to do the same thing he did: eat healthy food and you knew this was the place to go.

So how do you make that emotional connection? Well, there is no science behind it…you know, because it’s emotion. But you know that you’ve got connect to your customers in a way that’s different than just handing them a meal or making a smooth transition between making an order and receiving that order. It’s a smile. It’s a good work ethic. It’s a combination of actions that leads to your customers feeling like part of a family. So think about those places that are so good at creating that feeling, try and figure out what they do to make that feeling, and then replicate it. Give your customers more than a menu. You want them to remember you.

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