Spring Cleaning Haikus

Aww…spring. We had a nice bout of storminess over the weekend, but we’re back to the sunshine with which spring is most commonly associated. And with spring comes spring cleaning, and we’ve got some room to make in our warehouse. With that being said, here are some haikus for such an occasion.

Warehouse is crowded.
Refrigeration galore.
Call now for details.

Prices you can’t beat
From very friendly people
You love very much.

Must do spring cleaning.
Must give great deals on products
That refrigerate.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. As you saw my colleague write just mere moments ago (scroll down a bit further), we are having a huge sale for all of your commercial cooling and freezing needs. So don’t waste time, especially this pretty spring time air, and get on the sale before all the great products are gone!

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