Our favorite customers have nicknames

At the Frog just about everything has a nickname.  Our trucks and vehicles have names: Betsy, Big Blue, The Hulk, Mike’s Girlfriend, and 50 shades (one of the gals in the office named this truck).  Our team members / employees have nicknames:  Pretty Boy, Mr. Mohawk, Pretty Eyes, Office Diva, Professor Frog, Four Eyed Frog, and Google Girl.  There’s the Restaurant Equipment Doctor and a few others.  Our very favorite clients end up getting nicknames too.  They’re with Love… generally could be something having to do with the business name to differentiate them (last week we had two Vickis, this week we have two Felixes, in the past we had 5 Mohammeds – thus Mohammed Disney arose- and 5 Luigis- let me tell you there is nothing like having a gentleman with a thick Italian accent insisting, “I am Luigi, you know LUIGI”… hehehe)

Our favorite customers have nicknames.  They either give it to themselves or inadvertently they get named.  We have:  George Lopez, Chit Bin,  Buzz Lightyear, Herman the German, Burn Victim… well a few more that maybe … some we cannot share in mixed company.  So today I have to explain to Chit Bin how he got his nickname.  (Chit Bin- we love you!)

Here’s part of the email I sent to Chit Bin:

Your name… Lol… Well know we love you and we laugh a lot.  One of our techs is called Pretty Eyes.  They used to call him Young R and our head tech Old R.  Someone said this wasn’t too nice to Old R, so Young R smiled, batted his eyes at one of the girls in the office and said, “Well the ladies call me Pretty Eyes.”  So our Finance Manager says, “Well, if you insist, I find it kind of creepy calling another man Pretty Eyes, but I can do it.”  So Pretty Eyes comes out to your restaurant  and he could not pronounce Chef Vince.  He says to the Boss, “I was at Chit Bin’s restaurant.”  Which the boss is laughing about and has him say about once a day to make us laugh altho in the interim he has learned to pronounce your name but we’ve had many laughs about the phonetic sound of Chit Bin… Lol

Now go a bit further our head tech and Finance Manager call each other nicknames and it seems the Head Tech is even programmed in the Finance Manager’s phone by his nickname.  So the other day our Head Tech’s wife calls in asking for him.  Finance Manager tells her we have no one working here with that name.  They’re arguing and he’s adamant that we don’t have an employee by that name.  To set the stage on this story you can see another real video of the finance manager taking a phone call http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MndpgKaUSsA

And Chit Bin, we’ve got your Frog patch going out in the mail ASAP.  Hope you guys have a great day- much love from the Frog!