Choose Your Restaurant Name Carefully!

So, I did a blog post a while ago with a list of funny restaurant names (which you can use the search bar on the right to find). That inspired me to write another blog listing some more memorable restaurant names, and the idea sprang to mind: bad restaurant names. So I went to scour the web for some hilariously awfully bad restaurant names, and I came to the following conclusion: I can’t do that here.

Look, if you know us at the Frog, you know we’re a wild bunch. But we’re also decent people who don’t want to put anything out there that just shouldn’t be out there. I mean, these horrible names are out there, but I’m not going to put them here. Now, some of these restaurant names, while bad, are fairly harmless, like one called Nasty Buffet or Wo Fat Chinese Restaurant. They’re not great names, but that’s it. Some of them are just downright vulgar.

This leads me to come to a cautionary tale. Some of you out there who are aspiring restauranteurs may go for a fun or ironic name to get some attention. That’s great; in fact, you’ll probably get customers who turn around when they see your sign because they just have to know what’s going on. But you should be very careful to not pick a name that is potentially, when taken out of context, kind of off-putting. Remember, you’re going into a hospitality business, which relies on your customers feeling comfortable. If they can’t even look at the name of your place without feeling awkward, what makes you think they’ll want to eat the food?

As previously stated, you should have some fun with your restaurant’s name, and if you come up with something as awesome as Tequila Mockingbird or A Salt and Battery (both real restaurants), I’ll personally come in and order your specials. Just don’t be bad about it.

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