Free gas conversion

I had a client come in last week at the Frog with an oven that they purchased elsewhere (elsewhere being from someone’s garage without warranty, without seeing it work) asking for help.  Here’s the deal, it seems that this great deal that they paid $1200 for (for the record he could have bought the same unit from us for $1400-) now only needed a mere $2000- worth of repairs and gas conversion (again, for the record, the repairs would have been done already and the gas conversion is free at the Frog).  Surely you’re buying used restaurant equipment with the intent to save money, but don’t buy something because it’s too good too be true.  It probably isn’t…

This story is about on par with the fireman who came in several years ago looking for parts on an ice machine he picked up for cheap.  (ie- if you get an ice machine for under $1000 you should really beware, this generally doesn’t exist).  Seems the ice machine had bad blades and a few other parts were faulty.  No 30 day warranty, garage seller didn’t care, they had their cash and the parts we priced at Frog’s cost were well over $1000-   

A lot of time gas conversion can run you from $85, 200 or more per item.  Add in your time/ gas for pickup, you blood sweat and tears for cleanup and now warranty… well where is the deal?

There’s a reason we’re the nation’s highest volume used equipment dealer.  It’s not hard to figure out, with the semi load and truckloads of equipment coming in and out every day, the Frog is rocking some inventory and keeping customers happy in Florida, internationally and nationally.  Do the math, free gas conversion is likely a huge savings for you!  Just one of the things we do for our clients that become friends.  (For the record, I hate the word client.  If I’m going to do business with you it’s because you’re awesome and we’ll become friends, you will come back because of the good service and quality).

Gas conversion might get you in the door but repeat customers word of mouth happiness is what will change you!