Food Truck Start Up: Utilizing Taste Tests


Once you’ve put together the menu for your food truck, what’s next? Taste-testing your menu is crucial to finalizing the menu! Taste-testing on friends and family is a great way to figure out what you need to modify or discard in order to reach the standards you’ve set forth in your business plan. Testing is an essential technique to control the quality of the food that you’re eventually going to be serving to the public.

A great idea is to host a taste-testing party at your house. Invite your family and friends and ask them for their honest feedback. You can even invite local foodies and the staff you’re planning on hiring. Provide samples of menu items and record their responses, note their body language during the tasting. Understanding their reactions is an invaluable source of feedback before opening your food truck, before trying out a new recipe, and before you print up your final menu.

When you’re preparing to taste-test a menu, go over the recipe, noting your ingredient selection and preparation procedures. Establish criteria for these tests bases on the following:

• Appearance
• Taste
• Temperature
• Texture

Once this is done, answer the following the questions about each and every item:

• How does it taste?
• How does it look?
• Is it the proper temperature?
• Is the texture of the item correct? For instance, moist, firm, crunchy, etc.
• Is it acceptable to serve?

If you discover that some of your menu items aren’t up to snuff, consider how you can modify the items to reach your quality standards or whether you should just discard it. Think about how you can change the recipe or preparation process in order to create a product worthy of your food truck.

When conducting taste tests, be sure to follow these food safety and sanitation measures:

• Don’t taste the food sample over the serving dish
• Return the serving spoon to the dish (don’t eat with it!)
• Place the samples on a separate plate
• use a serving spoon to take small samples

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