Springtime Haikus

So, you may not have noticed, but the first official day of spring was just a couple of weeks ago. I must’ve missed the press conference when it happened, but nonetheless, it is spring time, so here, by popular demand, are more haikus all about spring. (Fun poetry lesson: these are actually true haikus by technicality as traditional haikus often involve nature.)

Sunshine has come back
From its long winter napping
And we all rejoice.

If you live up north,
You may have seen flowers bloom.
This state just gets rain.

Florida in spring
Is just a dress rehearsal
For summer sunshine.

And now for a limerick! I haven’t done a limerick on here, but to explain, it’s basically another form of short poetry with five lines. The first, second, and fifth lines all share the same rhyme while the third and fourth have their own. Let’s see what one looks like:

When the season has changed to spring,
And you listen to the birds sing,
Put on some sun block
Before you go walk
Or else you’re gonna feel the sun sting!

Happy spring, everyone!

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