Food Truck Start Up: “Green” Commercial Kitchens

commercial kitchen

We spoke in an earlier post about the aspects to consider when selecting a commercial kitchen for your food truck. There is another aspect to keep in mind: green kitchens. Most commercial kitchens unfortunately use a staggering amount of water and energy. Luckily, many folks involved in the food truck industry are becoming increasingly aware of commercial kitchens’ impact on the environment.

From its humble beginnings, the mobile food industry has been active in the push for environmental sustainability. More and more food truck owners are seeking out earth-friendly commercial kitchens, which is certainly a smart business strategy for any food truck owner.

The food service industry uses a tremendous amount of energy and water – making it one of the least sustainable businesses in the game. Searching for a commercial kitchen that’s earth-friendly is an easy way to help reduce your food truck’s impact on the environment.

Working out of a green commercial kitchen means that you may not receive the direct cost savings involved, but you will typically receive the indirect benefits. Commecial kitchens with green ratings may have cheaper rents that other commercial kitchens. If you’re already working out of a commercial kitchen that has not received a green rating, consider talking to the owner about pursuing one. Here’s some of the benefits you can present the owner:

LOWER ENERGY BILLS: Upgrading to energy-efficient restaurant equipment can nearly halve energy usage. Also, most local governments and utility companies offer decent rebates for consumers who purchase Energy Star-certified equipment.

LESS WATER USAGE: Using a commercial kitchen with water-saving equipment and policies can help greatly reduce excess water usage.

REDUCED LANDFILL USAGE: The creation of wasted food produced at commercial kitchens takes in space at landfills as well as pollutes the air, water, and soil.

LOWER WATER BILLS: Conserving water with a green commercial kitchen can save the owner a great amount of money on utility bills.

REDUCED AIR POLLUTION: The amount of harmful emissions produced at commercial kitchens can be reduced by utilizing green cleaning supplies and lowering energy consumption.

When speaking with the owner of a commercial kitchen, ask to see their green certification.

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