Buying Guide: Fryers

Dean Fryer

There are lots of great restaurants and bars out there that know their way around fried food. Fried food is practically an American tradition, although I don’t know if it originated in America….doesn’t matter, we do it well. Whether it’s something simple like french fries or onion rings or something fancy like calamari, the fryer can be your friend in the kitchen. If you’ve got your eye on a fryer or two, here are some things you want to know:

There are different types of fryers:
-Tube fryers have a tube-shaped gas-heated mechanism that heat up the oil. They’re good for a wide range of frying but are more difficult to clean.
-Open pot fryers can be gas or electric and have a single unblocked heating element. Easy to clean, but the small sediment zone isn’t good for larger sediment items.
-Flat bottom fryers have a large, flat bottom where all the heating takes place. These are great for specialty foods or foods in liquid batters, but they’re much harder to clean they lack a sediment zone, so crumbs fall to the bottom and burn on the heating element.
-There are also specialty fryers like ventless countertop fryers, pressure fryers, and smaller fryers for corndogs and funnel cakes.

-The big decision after this is to decide whether to go gas or electric. The ultimate factor here is the rates in your area for gas and for electricity. Plus look at your current building. If you don’t have the gas hookup, you’ll have to decide if it’s worth the time to put one in just for a gas fryer.

-Lastly, consider whether you’ll need a countertop fryer or standard freestanding fryer. You’ll have to think about your menu and your expected output to decide which is better. Also consider the space you have available. If you put out lots of fried food and you have the floor space, then get yourself a good sized fryer.

After that, it’s just a matter of making the amazing fried food you can make. And make sure you leave your address when you start up your fried food program. Because I love fried food and I want to eat some.

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