Food Truck Start Up: Choosing the Right Mechanic


Finding a reliable automotive repair service shop or mechanic is just as crucial as filling your food truck with reliable kitchen equipment. Your local area most likely boasts several options for mechanics or shops, so you have to locate the proper one for you. Doing so depends on several variables, which we’ll look at now, courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment.

It’s always advised that you look for a mechanic before you even purchase the food truck. They can help you inspect possible vehicles prior to purchase and help you prevent being suckered into buying a stinker.

Here are some helpful tips to finding the proper mechanic or shop for your food truck.

• Always ask a potential mechanic or shop for references. Whether they’re large operations or independently owned, always get some references.

• Look for repair shops that have National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification. This ensures that the shop and the mechanics within have undergone training and had to complete a test for certification.

• Ask around to local food truck owners for their suggestions. Since many food truck owners have experience with both good and bad mechanics, they make for very reliable sources of information. This is an easy way to find a reliable mechanic or shop in your area.

• Inquire whether the mechanics have certification from vehicle manufacturers. Many major vehicle manufacturers, including Nissan, GM, and Ford, offer technician certification. This means that the mechanic has demonstrated his/her skills in front of experts.

• Remember that bigger shops doesn’t always mean better. A mechanic working out of a garage can be more of an expert than a uniformed employee at a large shop.

Once you settle on a mechanic, grease the pot a little by bringing them free food or a goodie bag filled with some samplings from your food truck. Develop a good relationship and you’ve got a mechanic for life!

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