Martian Landscape of Dried Scotch?

Picture 1

The above image is not the depiction of a Martian landscape. No, it’s actually an image of Scotch residue that’s been left overnight and then photographed in very extreme close-up. Artist and Scotch enthusiast Ernie Button has been photographing single malt Scotch for six years now. In May, a collection of his work will be shown at the Islay Festival in Scotland.

He’s actually researched the science behind the images as well. He states that the lines in the photographs are caused by particles the alcohol leaves behind as it dries. Through years of Scotch drinking and taking photographs, Button has discovered that the more inland varieties leave finer residue lines.

Researchers at Princeton University were inspired by Button’s work to study the various properties of dried whisky. Me? I’m inspired to drink some Canadian Club.

Check out more of Button’s work over at NPR.

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