Cooking Specialties: Chocolatier

Well, it’s getting close to Easter, and since one of my more recent posts had something to do with baking, it came to my attention that I’m forgetting another specialty somewhat tied in that should be considered: a chocolatier. Yes, this is the position that so many sweet-loving choco-nuts would love to have, but like many culinary careers, this one is not as easy as you might think.

One upside to becoming a chocolatier is there is no need for a formal education, but having a certificate in pastry arts is a good start, plus it’ll open more doors more easily. You’ll take classes in dealing with chocolate in those pastry arts programs, so it’ll give you the basics to get started. Then you can dig into other techniques either by reading books, browsing the Internet, or just messing around with different ideas. Eventually, it can lead you to apprenticeships and other opportunities.

Of course, as mentioned, it’s not like you wake up in the morning and say, “I want to be a chocolatier.” Those basic classes will help you a lot, especially when it comes to mixing. One small mistake can ruin an entire batch of chocolate. And that would be really bad. You must also be patient as chocolate can be temperamental. Yes, chocolate can be temperamental. And sensitive. So don’t hurt chocolate’s feelings. And you must get up to speed on the trends going on right now as they will determine how you make your varied pairings and such.

Look, if you decide to become a chocolatier, I shall cheer you on the whole way. I’ll even taste your different treats. Lots of them. Seriously, I love chocolate. And bring some down to the office. Lots of it. Just remember to do some digging into the career before you jump right on in. And good luck. And bring me chocolate.

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