Startup: Ice Cream & Soda Fountain Shop or Truck Under $130 a month!

When you are looking to open a concept, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is your startup headquarters for nationwide food service concepts be it kiosk, restaurant or brick and mortar or truck!  Why start up for hundreds of thousands of dollars when you can do it on a much smaller budget and immediately start seeing revenue?  Orlando’s One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is the startup restaurant equipment company.  We specialize in opening businesses and helping you do it easily!   (Did you see us on the recent Restaurant Impossible episode entitled Soup to Nuts?)  Let’s look at the ice cream concept startups we have in stock (March 2013). These ice cream concept could work well for a brick and mortar store, ice cream cart, mall kiosk or concessions in a flea market or farmer’s market.  Entrepreneurs can purchase these packages for payments starting at $120 a month!  Most of these concepts can be had in the $3k to $10,000 range!  And the Frog will even help you work on logo and name and marketing concepts, got a few more minutes and we’ll help you on location too!  Yup, that’s right as low as $120 a month!  Startup concept deals are available for free delivery on our routes in the state of Florida (Tampa, Jacksonville, Ocala, Gainesville, Leesburg, Miami, Tampa, Fort Myers and Tallahassee).  The Frog also offers delivery to many other places in the state of Florida for FREE on our used equipment and ice cream dipping cabinets!  Here are some items you might want that the Frog has in stock:

Option A mobile ice cream

  • portable handwash sink with instant hot water heater
  • Nelson push cart (115 volt) or Nelson cart with cold plate and canopy

Option B kiosk or brick and mortar

  •  48″ Masterbilt dipping cabinet
  • handwash sink
  • 3 compartment sink
  • cold rail/ syrup station
  • blender station (think smoothies and milkshakes

Option C

  •  Masterbilt dipping cabinet set
  •  handwash sink
  • 3 compartment sink
  • cold rail/ syrup station
  •  kegerator (just checking if you’re reading… this is optional)
  • blender station
  • flash freezer (if you make ice cream cakes)
  • convection oven (think ice cream cookie sandwiches)
  • Nelson ice cream push cart 
  • Glass door merchandising freezer
  • bakery case

Option D:  Economy ice cream dipping fountain

  • 3 compartment sink
  • handwash sink
  • combination syrup topping fountain & dipping cabinet

All of these packages qualify for easy finance and lease programs.  These also qualify for quick cash deals.  Don’t forget One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment will custom paint any of the carts, bakery cases, kegerators or glass door coolers.  The Frog will work with YOU to get you started up!  With monthly payments as $130 a month you can own your own ice cream business!  Stop in at our OBT location and let’s go!  Don’t wait to fill out your finance application and get started!  407-480-3409